Mixed vegetable curry by Sneaky Veg

Mixed vegetable curry

Mixed vegetable curry with potatoes, spinach, carrots and peas is the only recipe my children are guaranteed to eat and enjoy every single time. An easy, mild, vegan curry that's packed with veggies.

Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Keyword mixed vegetable curry
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Servings 4
Author Mandy Mazliah


For the vegetables

  • 4 medium potatoes chopped (peeled if preferred)
  • 2 medium carrots peeled and diced
  • 100 g frozen peas

For the sauce

  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 1 tbsp cumin seeds
  • 1 large onion peeled and finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 thumb-sized piece ginger peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp chilli powder optional
  • 800 g tinned chopped tomatoes (2 x 400g tins)
  • 100 g baby leaf spinach or equivalent weight frozen spinach shredded
  • 1 tbsp garam masala
  • fresh coriander to serve (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste
Metric - US Customary


First prepare your vegetables

  1. Bring a large pan of water to the boil and add the prepared potatoes and carrots. Bring back to the boil then simmer until soft. Drain and add the peas - they don't need to be boiled. Set aside.

To make the sauce

  1. Meanwhile heat the oil in a large saucepan or frying pan over a medium heat. Add the cumin seeds and fry until just turning brown. 

  2. Add the onions and sauté until golden brown and soft. Add the garlic and ginger and continue cooking for a further minute before adding the turmeric and chilli (if using.)

  3. Next add the chopped tomatoes. Stir well, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and allow to cook for 5-10 minutes to allow the sauce to thicken a little bit. Add the spinach and continue cooking until either wilted or defrosted. 

  4. Finally add the garam masala. Cook for five more minutes then stir in the cooked vegetables. Season to taste with salt and pepper if desired.

  5. Serve with rice or flatbreads and fresh coriander if liked.