Vegan purple sweet potato baked doughnuts with vanilla icing


When asked me if I'd be interested in creating a recipe for them using purple sweet potatoes I jumped at the chance! As you'll know if you've been here before vegetables are one of my favourite things to cook with - but getting my kids to eat them has proved to be something of a challenge.

So putting them in a doughnut seemed like a great idea - surely the kids would try them then?

Purple sweet potatoes – sometimes called purple yams or ube – have long been popular in The Philippines, parts of India and Sri Lanka where they’re used in a range of sweet dishes.

They are increasingly popular in the United States and it looks like this year they’ll be becoming more common in the UK too.


Waitrose launched the purple sweet potato in the UK in 2015 but other major supermarkets are yet to catch on. Try Wholefoods Market, Amazon or Chinese supermarkets if you fancy trying them – but remember they’re only in season until April.

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Vegan recipe for baked purple sweet potato (ube or purple yam) doughnuts. This recipe is refined sugar free.