The best savoury snacks for kids

The best recipes for healthy savoury snacks for kids

Every day without fail when I pick my kids up from school they say the same thing - “Mummy, can I have a snack?” And of course I give them one because otherwise the hours until tea time are just too painful!

I've been working hard lately at making snacks count - yes, let the kids have something after school or mid-morning on the weekend but make it nutritious. But it’s really hard to get the balance right - healthy snacks that aren’t too filling and don’t contain too much salt or sugar aren’t all that easy to come by.

To avoid my shopping bill getting high I make a lot of my own snacks but I realised that many of my favourites were sweet recipes and that it would be a good idea for the kids to have more savoury snacks. So I had a look for recipes from some of my favourite kid food bloggers and found loads of amazing ideas. Many of the recipes below are easy to make and can be frozen or keep well for several days. And most of them can be eaten on the walk home from school - before “hanger” sets in!

Here are 16 healthy savoury snacks for kids:

Zucchini (courgette) bites

By Healthy Little Foodies

Carrot and cucumber coins

By Eats Amazing

Butternut squash cheese straws

By Sneaky Veg

Baked tempura sweet potatoes and courgettes

By Feeding Little Monkeys

Pão de queijo

By Kat’s Delicious Kitchen

Rosemary and garlic soda bread rolls

By Sneaky Veg

Mini pea pancakes

By My Kids Lick the Bowl

Healthy guacadile dip

By Fork and Beans

Healthy rainbow bagel

By Eats Amazing

Chickpea nachos

By Kat’s Delicious Kitchen

Easy pizza swirls

By Sneaky Veg

Cheesy carrot and squash muffins

By Baby Led Blog

Spinach and cornmeal breakfast muffins

By Veggie Desserts

Cheesy sweetcorn muffins

By Foodie Quine

Soya Veg Momos

By Let's Cook Healthy Tonight

Curried baked chickpeas

Hijacked By Twins