How to throw a healthy kids birthday party: 20 delicious recipes for children


Baby S turns two this weekend! It's a cliché to say it but I really can't believe how quickly these two years have gone by. I guess I need to stop calling him Baby S soon - although he'll always be the baby of the family (having three kids is definitely my limit!).

We're throwing a small birthday party for him and a few of his little friends and because most of them are two or under I wanted to make a special effort to keep the food as healthy as possible without too much sugar. But when I thought about most of the parties we've been to recently (which are usually for slightly older kids), although there's always healthier food such as fruits and veggies on offer, my kids have made a beeline for the crisps, sweets and chocolates.

The challenge is how to make delicious food that looks like a treat yet is healthy. 

If you're looking for some inspiration check out one of these 20 delicious and healthy recipes for children's birthday party food:


1. Butternut squash cheese straws

Use ready made puff pastry to make these easy cheese straws and add a portion of butternut squash to add a bit of extra veggie goodness. Get the recipe.

2. Skewers with avocado, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

Chop the tomatoes in half and watch out for the pointy ends if serving these to little kids. See these and more lovely ideas from Feeding Little Monkeys over on her Instagram account. 

3. Courgette pizza bites

A gorgeous way of making pizza a lot healthier from the talented Eats Amazing.

4. Sunny picnic quiches

I love these mini quiches from Fab Food 4 All.

5. Baby friendly hummus

Chop up some sticks of carrot, peppers and cucumber or serve with breadsticks for dipping. My hummus recipe is salt free, making it perfect for kids of all sizes. 

6. Mini pepper boats

A creative and fun way to serve up peppers by Eats Amazing.

7. Guacamole

My guacamole recipe is easy to adapt. Depending on the age of the kids and their tastes you can leave out the chilli and salt and either leave this chunky or blend it up until it's smooth.

8. Cheesy breadsticks

Delicious homemade breadsticks by Everyday Healthy Recipes


9. Healthy first birthday cake

This gorgeous cake from Healthy Little Foodies makes the perfect party centrepiece yet it's full of goodness and is sweetened only with fruit. Get the recipe.

10. Watermelon doughnuts

A gorgeous and creative way to make fruit the star of your party by Fork and Beans.

11. Chocolate coconut dipped satsumas

Jazz up a simple satsuma with this gorgeous recipe from My Fussy Eater

12. Fruit sweetened chocolate cherry muffins

Chocolate muffins with a difference - these are naturally sweetened and packed full of goodness. Recipe by Tiny Tummy Tales.

13. Raw chocolate brownie cake pops

No kid will be able to resist one of these healthy cake pops. Made with dates and nuts, the only added refined sugar is what you choose to coat them in. Use coconut for a healthier option. Get the recipe.

14. Banana biscuits

Delicious and healthy banana biscuits for little ones by Baby Led Blog.

15. Melon ship 

Get creative with fruit - see this and other ideas for a healthy pirate party over at More Than Just Carrots. Chop grapes in half for toddlers. 

16. Chocolate dipped fruit cones

The prettiest way to serve up fruit from My Fussy Eater. Chop grapes in half for toddlers.

17. Rainbow fruit skewers

These gorgeous rainbow fruit skewers by Eats Amazing would be perfect for any kids party. You could even get the kids to make these themselves as part of the party games. If serving to small children chop the grapes in half lengthways.

18. Ginger biscuits with passionfruit icing

Biscuit decorating is always popular at a party and if you use these healthy homemade ginger biscuits you can keep the sugar consumption to a minimum. Get the recipe.

19. Homemade raspberry chia jam tarts

Gorgeous jam tarts made with wholemeal spelt pastry and filled with raspberry chia jam. No refined sugar. Get the recipe

20. Chocolate cherry smoothie

Don't forget the drinks! These chocolate cherry smoothies by Tiny Tummy Tales look divine - and you can turn any leftovers into ice lollies. 

If you're looking for more tips and ideas for your birthday party - in particular how to do it without breaking the bank - check out this post by Kidgredients.