13 healthy Halloween recipes for kids


Traditionally Halloween seems to mean sweets, chocolate, lollies and lots and lots of junk. Two years ago I took my kids, who were then two and four, trick or treating with friends and they both came home with an absolute ton of sweets. There was honestly so much it was ridiculous. This was after going to a party and stuffing their faces full of party food too. 

I usually try to relax about their eating at parties and let them eat what they like but this would have meant them having sweets and chocolates at home for weeks - probably months - on end. So once they'd gone to bed I got rid of most of it. Cue absolutely enormous tantrums the next day.

I still feel a bit bad about it but I'm sure their teeth will thank me in years to come!

I do feel a bit like the Halloween-equivalent of Scrooge to be honest but I'm sure I'm not alone! If you're like me and don't love all the junk that comes at this time of year don't worry - there are plenty of ways to enjoy Halloween in a healthy, yet still fun and spooky way.

If you're on Instagram then check out the #halloweenfunfoodforkids tag - there are heaps of amazing ideas there. Over on Pinterest I've started a Healthy Halloween recipes board, which I'd love you to check out. And my fellow kid food blogger, Faye, over at Baby Led Blog has come up with some lovely ideas for Halloween treats for toddlers.

The recipes below are from my fellow kid food bloggers and you'll find a mix of ones that are suitable for parties, lunchboxes, snacks and even breakfast - what they have in common is that they are all healthy ways of enjoying Halloween. 

Here are 13 healthy Halloween recipes for kids (seemed like a suitable number for Halloween!):

1. Healthy witch boots

By DTR Supastar

2. Vampire pancake

By Mama Makes Pancakes

3. Monster mouths and apple letters

By Whole Family Food

4. Scary fruit platter

By What's Baby Eating.

5. Almond coconut pumpkin muffins

By Moon and Spoon and Yum

6. Halloween bento lunch

By Bento Lunch

7. Ghost raisin boxes

By Eats Amazing

8. Halloween lunchbox

By Lunchbox World

9. Green Goblin Spinach Soup

By My Fussy Eater.

10. Spooky Halloween bento lunch

By Kidgredients.

11. Halloween monster platter using your children’s own art

By Play with Food

12. Count Pancula

By Fork and Beans

13. Pumpkin cookie dough pumpkins

By What’s Baby Eating

What about you? What are your favourite healthy Halloween treats to make?

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