Froothie Optimum G2.3 blender review

Froothie Optimum G2.3 blender review

I don't think there are many food bloggers out there who have blogged for as long as I have without a decent blender! I have a food processor and a stick blender - which has actually been pretty brilliant - but I've never had a proper blender before and that's meant that there have been lots of things I haven't been able to make properly like smoothies and nut milk.

So when I got an email asking if I'd like to review a brand new Froothie Optimum G2.3 blender* my first thought was "yes please!" and my second was "Where on earth am I going to put it?!" To say that space is a little on the tight side in our kitchen is something of an understatement. However, having now used it for a couple of weeks I suspect it won't be long before I no longer need some of my other gadgets as I'm using this blender to do so many things.

Here's some cashew butter I made in my G2.3 blender

Here's some cashew butter I made in my G2.3 blender

The G2.3 blender is a great piece of kit. People who are comparing it to other blenders say that it's the quietest blender they've ever had. My two-year-old didn't like the sound of nuts grinding in it but apart from that he didn't flinch at all at the sound - I usually have to warn him every time I put on the vacuum cleaner or hairdryer or he practically jumps out of his skin.

It comes with a large 2 litre jug, which is perfect for making soups and smoothies but it also comes with a brilliant little jug. Called the 1.5 litre rotating jug this is a great addition and it is perfect for making small quantities of things like hummus, nut butter and I think would be brilliant for making baby purées. I wish I'd had it when we were weaning as I think it would have been a great addition. This jug comes with a special twisting lid which allows you to help pull the ingredients away from the side of the jug towards the blade. 

You'll also get a tamper tool to help you push down ingredients in the larger jug and a spatula to scrape things off the sides.

So far I've tried my G2.3 blender to make:

  • cashew butter
  • smoothies
  • cookie dough - specifically date and chickpea cookies!
  • banana "nice" cream
  • pesto
  • pancake batter.

It's made all of these things perfectly. I almost had an incident with the banana "nice" cream because I wasn't holding the lid down and frozen banana went everywhere but better that than mushy banana splatted on the walls, right? I've learnt my lesson now and should you ever find yourself making "nice" cream - which is simply blended frozen banana - remember to hold the blender lid down!

Banana, pineapple and mango "nice" cream made in the G2.3 blender

Banana, pineapple and mango "nice" cream made in the G2.3 blender

It also has an amazing feature which is that it can make soup. I don't mean that it can just blend pre-cooked soup - it can actually make the soup. You simply put the ingredients in, select the soup preset and let it get on with the job. Eight minutes later you have perfect soup. I am yet to try this function but my friend Eb over at Easy Peasy Foodie has used it to make this amazing sounding Spicy Moroccan Chickpea Soup and it sounds life-changing!

The soup function isn't the only preset - there are five automatic functions - smoothie, sorbet, vegetable and fruit, soup and grind. I used the grind function to make the cashew butter but it can also be used to grind spices, seeds and coffee beans. And if those don't suit there is also a pulse function and a manual setting with adjustable speed. All of the aforementioned presets and other settings are accessed from a simple LED touchscreen.

One final function that I must mention is the self-cleaning function. Well, you do have to do a little work, but in theory if you add a little water, a little washing up liquid and pulse for a few seconds you'll have a clean blender. I found this worked perfectly with smoothies and pancake batter but needed a few goes with the cashew butter.

If you'd like to try the chickpea cookies that I made you can get the recipe from My Kids Lick The Bowl. I used chopped dates instead of brown sugar and sultanas instead of chocolate chips and the kids LOVED them.

How to buy a G2.3 blender

The Froothie Optimum G2.3 blender* is currently on sale at the discounted price of £379 (RRP £599) and, as I’m an ambassador for Froothie, I can offer you free delivery – just type ‘FREE AMBASSADOR DELIVERY 4102’ into the comment box when you order and the postage cost will be refunded to your card.

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