Get two of your five a day in one hit with Knorr's Naturally Tasty range


You might think that as a food blogger I always have an organised meal plan and a pantry full of ingredients. Not true. With three kids, a freelance career and a slightly random and sporadic childcare arrangement to juggle I often find myself searching the cupboards in a mild panic at 5pm with the refrain of "what's for tea?" ringing melodically in my ears.

I try to make home-cooked meals from scratch every day but sometimes I just don't manage it and resort to something from the freezer (which of course the kids are delighted with). Knorr has released a new range - Naturally Tasty - which is designed to make it easier to make homemade food for your family - recipe mixes using entirely natural ingredients.

Knorr has put sustainability and natural food at the heart of its business. These might be recipe mixes in a packet but they're real food that is good for you - it's just a bit easier. Most of the packets counts as two of your five a day (the chilli and the lasagne only count as one) and are made with real vegetables that are ripened on the plant then dehydrated using natural techniques. 

The Naturally Tasty packets are simple to use. Each one has a clear shopping list on the front, with details of the extra ingredients you'll need to buy. For example, to make the lasagne you'll need to buy the mince, chopped tomatoes, lasagne sheets, white sauce and cheddar cheese. These are not ready meals - they are home cooked meals but with the added convenience of not needing to hunt out spice jars, chop onions and read through recipe books. The recipe is on the back of the packet, and all the spices and flavour is contained in one sachet. None of the recipes are vegetarian - however, the contents of the mixes are completely veggie-friendly and each recipe can be easily adapted to meet your dietary requirements.

To prove just how natural the ingredients are, how great they taste and also how easily the mixes can be adapted, Knorr invited me along to an event at the King's Cross Skip Garden. We were introduced to the garden and all the lovely produce that they grow, right in the heart of one of London's biggest development areas. The garden has a lovely cafe by the way, so don't miss it if you're ever in the area.

Under the guidance of Paul, the gardener, we selected some fresh herbs to be cooked up by the chefs into our dinner. However, Knorr were not being entirely honest about this - after dinner they revealed that instead of using the fresh herbs they'd actually used their own Knorr Naturally Tasty packets! The meat eaters were served spaghetti bolognese and the vegetarians were served a veggie tagine and not a single person in the room guessed that we weren't eating a meal cooked with fresh herbs from the Skip Garden.


There are six Knorr Naturally Tasty recipe mixes available and they are sold in most major supermarkets in the UK for 89p (RRP). 

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Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post with Knorr. 

Photographs copyright of Sneaky Veg and/or Mischief PR/Knorr