Beetroot and black cherry rice pudding (dairy free, vegan): A guest post from Baby Led Blog


This is a guest post from Faye over at Baby Led Blog. Thanks Faye!

I made rice pudding balls when Dexter was around seven months and he really enjoyed them. I’ve tinkered around with the recipe and pimped it up with lots of extra iron and fibre from the beetroot. I’ve also added a black cherry chia jam to go with it. This rice pudding is filling, pink and full of fruit and veg fun. The recipe below makes a substantial amount – enough for a family dessert. Feel free to halve the recipe for a smaller quantity.


200g rice (I personally use risotto rice but pudding rice would also work)
250ml (approx.) coconut milk
150ml (approx.) boiling water
1 beetroot (I used the vac pack stuff but you can use fresh – just don’t get the pickled one in the jar)
75g black cherries (frozen ones are perfect for this)
1 ½ tsp chia seeds

1. Use a large pan on the hob. Chop your beetroot into tiny bits and mix in with your rice – it will stain it an awesome pink colour! Then, a ladle-full at a time, add your water and stir until it is absorbed; a bit like you would with a risotto. 


2. Keep this up until you have used all your water. Then switch to your coconut milk, doing the same thing, until the whole lot is absorbed. The coconut milk will lighten the shade of pink slightly. The process should take around 30 minutes


3. To make the jam, put your cherries in a small pan with a splash of water and heat until softened. 


4. Stir in your chia seeds and leave to cool. This will create a ‘jam’ to serve with your pudding. 

5. Now, you have three options. Serve the pudding as it is, warm with some jam splodged in the centre:

OR! Cool it quickly by plunging the pan in cold water. Mix in the jam. Then roll into balls and coat in crushed up cornflakes for a yummy finger food snack. 


Finally, leftovers can by mixed with yoghurt for a lighter breakfasty version! How lovely would this be layered up with fruit in a glass?!


So, there you have it – my Sneaky Veg inspired pudding! Hope you enjoy.

Faye xxx

Wow - thanks so much Faye - I can't wait to try this! Check out more of Faye's recipes and ideas for baby led weaning over at

Beetroot and black cherry rice pudding recipe - great for baby led weaning - a guest post by Faye from Baby Led Blog