Vegetarian Yorkshire puddings filled with pease pudding, roasted cauliflower and caramelised onions


What to serve with a vegetarian roast dinner is always a challenge. Some opt for nut roast, some for veggie sausages, some for pie, and others still for nothing at all - believing that the potatoes, veg and trimmings are enough as they are. This was the first time that I've added fillings to a Yorkshire pudding but I'm pretty sure it won't be the last as this turned out to be one of the most delicious roast dinners we've ever had. 

This delicious recipe for a filled savoury Yorkshire puddings is the perfect centrepiece for a vegetarian roast. It was inspired by last week's Great British Bake Off. Batter week was a first for the show and I for one enjoyed seeing how the contestants tackled the challenge of making savoury Yorkshire puddings, lace pancakes and churros. There was zero chance of me making lace pancakes and I'm not really a fan of deep frying so Yorkshires it had to be.

I'm joining in with the Great Bloggers Bake Off organised by Mummy Mishaps. Check out her recipe for Toffee Apple Yorkshire Puddings (how good do they sound?!) and see the recipes that have been linked up by the other talented bloggers who are joining in with the challenge.

Here's how to make my vegetarian Yorkshire puddings filled with pease pudding, roasted cauliflower and caramelised onions:


For the Yorkshire puddings
110g plain flour
a pinch of salt
1 tsp caraway seeds
2 eggs, beaten
290ml milk
2 tbsp olive oil

For the pease pudding
110g yellow split peas
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 onion, finely chopped
1/2 tsp caraway seeds
A small handful flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
Salt and pepper

For the cauliflower
1 small cauliflower, broken into small florets
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp nigella (black onion) seeds

For the caramelised onions
1 large onion, sliced
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

To make the Yorkshire puddings
1. Sift the flour and salt together into a bowl. Stir through the caraway seeds. Make a dip in the centre and pour in the eggs. 
2. Using a wooden spoon beat them, gradually drawing the flour into the mix.
3. Beating all the time slowly add the milk until the batter is smooth. Chill for at least 30 minutes.
4. Preheat the oven to 180°C/200°C/gas mark 6.
5. Pour the oil into a non-stick muffin tin. Heat in the oven until very hot. It's meant to be smoking but I've never managed to achieve this - quite possibly sunflower oil isn't quite up to the job.
6. Pour in the batter and bake for around 25 minutes until well risen and golden brown. Resist the temptation to open the oven door!

To make the pease pudding
1. Place the split peas in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil then simmer until soft. The time this takes can vary and could be up to 90 minutes. Add more water if necessary. When cooked drain.
2. Heat the oil in a small frying pan. Add the onion and caraway seeds and cook over a medium heat until soft. Stir into the cooked split peas with the parsley and mash together. You're aiming for a slightly soupy consistency so add a tiny bit of water if necessary.

To make the cauliflower
1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/200°C/gas mark 6.
2. Place all the ingredients into an ovenproof dish and mix well. Cook for around 30 minutes, stirring halfway, until the cauliflower is golden and soft.

To make the caramelised onions
1. Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add the onions and the balsamic vinegar and cook over a low heat until the onions are soft and sweet.

When everything is ready serve two or three Yorkshire puddings per person. Place a spoonful of pease pudding inside, then a couple of small cauliflower florets and top with caramelised onions. Serve with roast potatoes, vegetables and lots of gravy.

The Yorkshire puddings recipe is based on one from the Leiths Cookery Bible.

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