Brand new flavours from My Little Piccolo


My Little Piccolo is a relatively new company on the UK baby-food scene. Their organic pouches are full of fruits and veggies and are suitable for babies of six months and above. While we no longer have a baby in the house, as Baby S is now 20 months going on 4 - honestly you should see some of the things he tries to do in the playground (e.g. the fireman's pole - eek), we still use these pouches as a quick and convenient dessert, breakfast or snack. My older two kids love a fruit pouch as well. R, 6, who won't eat any fruit will happily swallow the contents of one of these in seconds!

The founder of My Little Piccolo, Cat Gazzoli, believes strongly in good, honest and natural food. Her Mediterranean upbringing, combined with a career in food education, has inspired her to bring this Mediterranean goodness to the babies of the UK. Mediterranean cooking typically champions fresh ingredients and great flavours, lovingly prepared to be shared with friends and family. All of My Little Piccolo's recipes are available on their site so you can see exactly what goes in them or recreate them at home.

The My Little Piccolo range has recently expanded to include four lovely new flavours: mango, pear and kale; raspberry and apple; sweet potato, beetroot, apple and pear; and banana, strawberry and peach. Baby S can be seen above having his first taste of kale. His absolute favourite though has been the sweet potato, beetroot, apple and pear one. He is obsessed with beetroot to the extent that he always eats it first if it's on his plate and shouts at anyone else who has some on their plate until they either give it to him or eat it themselves!

In the interests of research I shared a few My Little Piccolo products with a friend of mine who has a seven-month-old baby. He's one of those babies who has taken to eating like a duck to water and is now pretty much having three full meals a day and getting the most gorgeous chubby cheeks to prove it! By all accounts he loved his My Little Piccolo pouches as well.


His second favourite has to be the spring greens one, from their original range. This one contains spinach, courgettes, peas, apples, pears and mint and also disappears in seconds.

My Little Piccolo products are available to buy in Waitrose and Whole Foods amongst others and will be available to buy online in the next few weeks.

See the full list of stockists.

Disclaimer: we were sent some My Little Piccolo products to try. All opinions are honest and our own.