Sweet cherry and Swiss cheese toastie with The Polish Bakery chia seed bread

Cherry and Swiss cheese toastie with The Polish Bakery chia seeds bread

A late afternoon delivery of breads and cakes from The Polish Bakery is probably the only thing guaranteed to mean no grumpy kids after school in the Sneaky Veg household. We were lucky enough to get just that one afternoon earlier this week - including three tasty breads and two cakes to try.

The Polish Bakery is Britain's oldest Polish bakery and they produce a range of cakes and bread products using Polish techniques and ingredients. The company has just launched a new bread made with chia seeds, which I was very pleased to receive to try out as the health benefits of chia seeds are well known (put simply, chia seeds have lots of nutrients and antioxidants and a high fibre and protein content).

We also tried out a loaf of rye bread, a pumpkin seed bread, a cheesecake and an apple cake. Both breads were great. The kids were unsure about the pumpkin seed bread but once they'd had a taste they were won over, even though there were big "green things" in the bread. Baby S didn't like the rye bread, but everyone else did. And of course everyone loved the cakes, especially the apple cake which was very popular. Luckily the slices were so big that they could be shared five ways!

The Polish Bakery's breads are well known for being good for you. When I posted a photo of the breads on Instagram someone commented on it to say that they were the only breads that their digestive system could handle.

When I was deciding what to make for Sneaky Veg to show you The Polish Bakery's products I came across this recipe from the Polish Housewife for a grilled cheese and jam sandwich. Now, I just love the sound of this. I've always enjoyed the salty taste of cheese alongside fruit. Cheese and apple was one of my favourite childhood snacks.

This particular recipe uses a Polish cheese called oscypek. I went to check the (fairly extensive) Polish section of my local shop. Alas, the only Polish cheese they had was an unspecified type of cheese cut like salami...and called salami. I've since found out from fellow blogger Monika of Everyday Healthy Recipes that oscypek is a smoked cheese made from sheep's milk that is made in the southern mountains of Poland. It's unlikely to be available here in the UK. Halloumi would probably be the closest alternative, although the taste wouldn't be the same.

I considered making a toasted sandwich with halloumi, but it just didn't seem right. I like a bit of melty gooeyness in a cheese toastie, so I opted for Leerdammer Swiss cheese (which is actually produced in Holland). So this has turned into quite a European sandwich in the end.

Instead of jam I opted to cook some sweet cherries that I had in the freezer so we weren't having a lot of unnecessary sugar. And the result? Absolutely delicious. The chia seed bread toasted really well and held the cheese and cherry filling together perfectly.

Here's what to do:

Ingredients (for one sandwich)
200g frozen sweet cherries
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp honey (optional)
2 slices of chia seed bread
Butter, for spreading
2 slices of Swiss cheese

Put the frozen cherries in a small pan with the water and honey (if using) and cook covered over a low heat until defrosted. Stir occasionally. Take the lid off, turn the heat up a little and cook for a further five minutes, stirring often to avoid sticking, until some of the excess water has cooked away and the cherries are starting to break down. Remove from the heat.

Put a non-stick griddle pan or toastie maker on to heat up. Butter one slice of bread. Turn it over and spread the cherries on the unbuttered side. Put the two slices of cheese on top. Cover with the other slice of bread and butter the outside.

Cook on the griddle pan for 2-3 minutes then carefully turn over and cook the other side.

Products from The Polish Bakery, including the new chia seed bread, are available for sale in Asda.

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post with The Polish Bakery. All opinions are honest and are my own.