BKD Mini Bakers Club Review


Do your kids like baking? I know mine do. Miss R (4) in particular absolutely loves helping me with anything in the kitchen, especially when cakes or biscuits are involved. R (6) is not quite so keen on helping with everything but he does like to help with sweet treats, especially when he gets to eat them at the end!

They also love receiving things through the post. So I was really excited to see what they thought of the BKD Mini Bakers Club subscription box that we were sent to try out.

Here's Miss R examining the goodies in her box. R was at school when it arrived and I couldn't wait until 3.30 to open it myself! Luckily he didn't mind.

Here's Miss R checking out the box 

Inside were the following goodies: a pack of gingerbread biscuit mix, some biscuit pop sticks, white icing writing, a let's play bakery game to colour and cut out, coloured pencils, plastic gift bags, stickers and further suggestions of activities to do. There was also a certificate - these people clearly know what kids love! There's nothing my kids love more than a certificate. R sometimes asks me to make him one if he's been particularly good! He has one in his collection that says "Congratulations for not getting angry about the ice cream" - I can't for the life of me remember the story behind it now.

We tried to do all the activities in the box so we could give you a really good idea of what it's like. Both kids enjoyed the colour and cut out bakery game. Miss R was very considerate in only colouring in half of the pretend cookies and saved the rest for R to do when he got home. Then they had a brief fight involving a pair of scissors which resulted in the scissors being confiscated and me cutting out the rest of the items. They then made up and played bakeries happily together for a while. (If I'm honest, the two of them playing happily together - or just even co-existing without a fight - is my main aim in life at the moment!)

It was the baking itself that they enjoyed the most however. The gingerbread mix is included in the package and you just need to add butter and golden syrup. We actually used honey instead of golden syrup and the biscuits tasted great. They enjoyed the whole process, but especially cutting out the shapes and decorating them.

Here are some pictures of their creations:

We attempted to make some of the biscuits into flowers on pop sticks as there was a lovely suggested activity to make a spring biscuit bouquet using an aluminium can as a pot. This didn't exactly work out as they were both too excited and the biscuits just ended up getting eaten! Although we did manage to save a few to give to their friends in the decorated gift bags that came with the kit.

The Mini Bakers Club box would make a lovely present for the children of a friend who enjoys baking. It would also be good if you would like to bake more with your kids but struggle to get organised enough to make it happen. If you wish you baked with your kids but baking isn't really your thing then you'll find that the instructions are simple and the extra equipment that you need is basic (we needed a bowl, a wooden spoon, a few cookie cutters, a rolling pin, baking trays and greaseproof paper). The cost is between £9 and £10 a month, depending on the length of the subscription purchased, and there is currently a 50% discount on the first month so now is a good time to try it out.

BKD mini bakers club subscriptions can be bought at bkd-london.com. They also sell baking kits and hold kids baking workshops and birthday parties in London.

Disclaimer: I was sent a BKD Mini Bakers Kit to try out with my children. I received no other payment for this post and all opinions are honest and my own.