Kiddyum frozen kids meals review

Kiddyum meals review

"Ready meals for tea? Yes please mum!" I'm secretly hoping this isn't a judgement on my cooking!

Home cooking and family meals are both incredibly important to me and, although many times in the past I've wondered why I bother when my food has been rejected, or worse, caused tears, I really want my children to grow up with fresh healthy meals being the norm.

However, there are days when I just haven't got organised enough and I find myself faced with three hungry kids and no plan. On those days it's all too easy to reach for the fish fingers. 

Having a healthy meal in the freezer is a godsend on those days when you get back late from an after-school club, you've picked the kids up after work and got home late, or the baby won't let you put him down for long enough to prepare a meal.  Kiddyum frozen meals are designed for exactly these occasions. They are low in salt, contain no added sugar or preservatives and all contain some vegetables.

So when Kiddyum got in touch with me to ask if we wanted to review some of their meals I said yes. R said yes too but in a "Ready meals for tea? Yes!!!!!!!!!" kind of a way that only an almost six-year-old could pull off.

We tried out four of the meals: chicken curry and rice, cheesy peasy pasta, macaroni bolognese and cottage pie. There is also a fish pie which we didn't try. All of the meals went down well apart from the macaroni bolognese which Miss R (4) had. That just came down to personal taste though - she doesn't like cheese sauce on pasta and I hadn't realised that it was topped with that. Baby S had a spoonful of all four meals and devoured them all - starting to walk has just something incredible to his appetite!

The other three meals were all polished off - with probably the chicken curry coming out as the favourite. The meals are designed for 1-4 year olds and the portion size was a bit small for R - but he is almost six so that's to be expected. It was great to be able to give Baby S (who is now 13 months) some of the same food as the other two without worrying about the salt and sugar content.

Kiddyum frozen meals for kids are on sale now in selected Sainsbury's stores and online at

Disclaimer: I was sent these Kiddyum frozen meals to review and received no other payment for this post.