Black forest gateau raw brownies with coconut cream

Did you see the Great British Bake Off last week? Due to a crying baby who didn't want to go to sleep I missed the first half but I made it down in time to see the showstopper round - where the 12 contestants had to make their own version of a Black Forest Gateau. Well, there were some absolutely stunning results (and at least one disaster) but none of them were what you could call healthy.

black forest gateau raw brownies

I wanted to create my own sugar free version that would have the same flavours as the black forest gateau but be much better for us. This recipe for raw brownies was the result and we absolutely devoured them. The coconut cream is quite an intense flavour, so you only need a little on the side. Both the brownies and the coconut cream are vegan and free from refined sugar.

black forest gateau raw brownies

250g mixed prunes, dates or sultanas. I used 180g prunes and 70g sultanas.
100g pecan nuts
2 tbsp cacao powder
75g dried cherries

Blend everything in a food processor apart from the dried cherries. When the whole mixture is well combined and sticky, mix in the cherries. I found that using my hands was the best way to do this.

Place the whole mixture in a small, lined dish or cake tin and chill in the fridge for several hours. Cut into squares and serve with the coconut cream (see below).

For the coconut cream
1 x 400ml tin of coconut milk
1 tsp vanilla extract  

In order for the coconut cream to work the creamy white part and the water need to have separated in the tin. You can make this happen by leaving the tin in the fridge overnight.

Scoop the solid white part into a bowl. Mix in the vanilla extract and whisk on a medium speed until it resembles whipped cream.

This recipe for the coconut cream is from Girl Makes Food. 

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