Ten healthy picnic ideas

At the end of last week the sun had finally come out here in my corner of the world and we celebrated by meeting a friend in the park after school for a picnic tea. The boys managed five minutes of playing football together before they noticed that Little Miss R had already tucked into her bagel and they came over to join her. It was 4.10pm. Rather early for tea but being at school on a hot day is hungry work!

Their picnic tea included bagels, hardboiled eggs, crisps, crudités (ignored by my two of course) and hummus, strawberries and a packet of iced gems to share. Not a terrible effort, but hardly gourmet!

The weather has now turned again and today our coats were back on but I'm still hoping to have a lot more picnics over the summer - no floor to sweep up, or table to wipe gets my vote! Below I've collected together some recipe ideas from some of my favourite bloggers for a fruit and veg-heavy healthy picnic spread suitable for kids. Enjoy!

Child friendly hummus with crudités
No picnic is complete without hummus and this child-friendly recipe from My Fussy Eater, which doesn't include any salt, looks like a really good option. 

Vegetarian stuffed bell peppers
I don't know whether my kids would eat stuffed bell peppers or not but I'm certainly going to give this delicious cheesy recipe by Live, Love, Create a go next time we have a picnic. 

Chocolate cinnamon banana bread
A banana bread with a twist, this delicious chocolate cake from Sally Akins would travel really well for a picnic spread. I don't reckon you'd bring much of it home with you though!

Asparagus and gruyere tart (pictured above)
I haven't had much success getting my kids to eat quiches or tarts, but I don't think a picnic spread is complete without one. This one, from Eat Your Veg, includes lovely seasonal asparagus. Photo by Eat Your Veg.

A healthy lunchbox for kids
Four lovely ideas from A Life of Geekery for a kids lunchbox that is heavy on the veg. It contains three portions of fruit and veg and would make a lovely complete picnic. I'd have a hard time convincing my two to eat the celery boats, but they would love the raspberry and blueberry pure fruit roll.

Carrot and banana yoghurt muffins (pictured above)
An easy way to sneak some veggies into those kids who are going to ignore the crudités at a picnic and reach straight for the cakes (ie mine).

Cherry tomato, prosciutto, and ricotta frittata
Although More than just toast, the blog this appears on, is a breakfast blog, I think this would transport well and would be an excellent addition to any picnic. I'd probably leave out the prosciutto if I was making this so I could have some too. 

Parsnip and celeriac bread (pictured above)
A lovely savoury bread, which can be sliced or torn apart and eaten with cheese or just spread with butter.

Carrot jammy dodgers (pictured above)
Carrot jammy dodgers! What a great idea from Veggie Desserts. Biscuits are a good idea at a picnic, especially if you want to spend the whole afternoon in the park, for the kids to munch on when the inevitable cries of "I'm hungry" start again. And if they can be healthy and include a vegetable, even better. Photo by Veggie Desserts.

Sunset salad
The name of this salad from Fuss Free Flavours caught my eye. Easy to transport and eat with a fork, this would be a great salad to take along to a picnic and the brightly coloured veg might even tempt my veg-shy kids to have a taste!

What do you like to include in a picnic spread? Do let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

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