Wafer Wisps review

Sticky rice cakes in hand, orange-tinged mouths and dusty raisins at the bottom of the buggy's footmuff: sound familiar? Thought so. I can't say I've missed this stage but with baby S already three months old it won't be long before we embark on it all over again.

So when Heavenly Tasty sent us a couple of boxes of Wafer Wisps to try we were excited to have an alternative baby/toddler snack to the ever-present rice cake. And of course my two willing reviewers, Mr R, 5 (it's his birthday today in fact, hurrah!) ,and Little Miss R, 3, are always more than willing to partake in a snack review.

Wafer Wisps are a brand-new product available in the UK (currently exclusively at Ocado) as a snack for babies and toddlers. They are available in two flavours, pumpkin and banana, and spinach, apple and kale. They're vegetarian and contain no added sugar.

The three-year-old wasn't keen at first bite but when no alternative appeared she asked to try "another one of those biscuits I don't like". She has since gobbled up more than a few suggesting that perhaps it was the different texture and taste that she wasn't expecting that put her off at first rather than an actual dislike for them.

I'm always encouraging my kids to try new things and so was pleased that she'd gone back for a second try and decided that she liked them. 

The five-year-old had no such qualms, gobbling his up after a morning's fun on our local climbing wall and asking if there were any more.

Both kids showed a slight preference for the pumpkin and banana flavour but liked the spinach, apple and kale flavour too.

Wafer Wisps are suitable from six months. As baby S is only three months old he's too young to try a Wafer Wisp, however, I asked a friend with a nine-month-old to try them. Her son enjoyed them, and she also tried a bite, saying that the texture reminded her of bacon frazzles!

The boxes come with six individually wrapped portions of three wisps in them, so they're easy to pop into your bag when you're out and about. I must say I'm not really looking forward to the crumbs in the buggy stage again but needs must and all that...

Wafer Wisps are on sale at Ocado.

We were sent two packs of Wafer Wisps to review and received no payment for this post. All opinions are my own.