Eli Explorer game: review

Eli Explorer is a really cute game designed to help preschool kids learn basic vocabulary, including food names, in a fun and colourful world. The game can be played in English, or in one of ten foreign languages. 

The game follows a small rabbit, Eli, around his world as he wakes up, goes to get food from his mum in the kitchen, explores his landscape and even dives into a cave to see a monster band play.

The section in the kitchen got me thinking again about the importance of exposing kids to lots of different types of food, and although Eli is a rabbit he doesn't just eat carrots and grass but is offered a whole range of foods by his mother. We see Eli enjoying fruits and vegetables as well as bread, cheese, fish and the occasional treat such as pizza. No need to sneak the broccoli in for Eli!

R, aged 4y 9 mo and Miss R, aged 3, both loved this game. R found the game hilarious and really enjoyed the little touches such as Eli's startled face when his alarm clock went off.

The game was more of a challenge for Miss R as she's not as used to using the touchscreen. I'm not sure that either of them learnt a lot of new words from the game when playing it in English but they both loved it and for a younger child or as an aid to learning a foreign language it would be a really good tool.

Eli Explorer is an award winning fun language learning game by Colto that teaches preschoolers their first 100 words and phrases and correct pronunciation in 10 languages: English, (US), English (UK), Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. 

The latest version of Eli Explorer is available on the App Store from 11 February 2015 and costs £1.49 in the UK. Get it now.  

We were given a copy of Eli Explorer to review. We didn't receive any payment for this post.