Coconut Squishies product review

The photo says it all - the kids loved these new Coconut Squishies that we were sent to review. Also look how much R's handwriting has improved so much since he started in Year 1 last month - hurrah!

Coconut squishies product review

I give the kids fruit pouches like these relatively often. As R still doesn't eat any fruit apart from raisins giving him one of these a couple of times a week means that I know that he's had some of the vitamins and minerals that most children get when they eat fruit. Miss R loves them as well. 

Coconut Squishies are new on the market from Heavenly. They come in two flavours - mango and strawberry (both contain apple and banana too). What makes these stand out from the other fruit pouches on the market is that they also contain coconut milk, which provides extra fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Miss R loved both flavours of these but R only liked the mango ones. Baby S had a little taste too and enjoyed it. In fact, they're suitable from 6 months, so are ideal for a baby being weaned on purées. 

All the ingredients are organic and there's no added sugar. Coconut Squishies are available now from Ocado and cost £1 per pouch, or £3 for a pack of four.

Disclaimer: we were sent two packs of Coconut Squishies to review but didn't receive any other payment for this post.