Enchiladas with tomato, onion and cheese, and a little announcement


You may have noticed that Sneaky Veg has been a little quieter than usual lately. Well, that's because I'm just emerging from the black hole of early pregnancy. Yes, that's right, we're going to be welcoming a third, hopefully less fussy about vegetables, child into our family early next year! Apologies to any friends I have neglected to tell who find out in this unorthodox way. While I have been lucky enough not to suffer too badly from morning sickness in any of my pregnancies, I haven't been able to cook anything much over the last few months - partly due to queasiness and partly due to exhaustion. But I'm back on track now and am attempting to make up for the last few months of fish finger dinners (who am I kidding, the kids LOVED it!) with some imaginative, healthy meals.

I love Mexican food. In fact I even have a loyalty card at our local restaurant, that's how many burritos I buy. I've long been thinking about how best to introduce the kids to this wonderful cuisine so yesterday I decided to try my hand at enchiladas for lunch for me and my little lady, two year old Little R. The recipe that follows is how I made hers. Mine was similar but I also added some chopped coriander, chillies would have been a good addition too. I also used two tortillas, simply flipping them over after a minute or two on the pan to cook both sides. I think she might have preferred this if the sauce had been blended up more, a bit like a pizza, so perhaps do this if your own picky eater objects to chopped tomatoes.

1 tortilla
1/4 small onion, finely chopped
3-4 finely chopped baby plum tomatoes
A little mixed herbs
30g grated cheddar cheese

Lightly fry the onion in some oil until softening, then add the tomatoes and mixed herbs and cook through for a few minutes until the tomato starts to break down but isn't too watery.

Heat a clean, dry frying pan over the hob. Place the tortilla on the pan, cover half of it with the tomato and onion mix and sprinkle over the cheese. Fold the tortilla in half. After a minute or two flip over to toast the other side, being careful not to lose your filling.

Cut in two and serve.